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Yamaha Motorcycle Tire Service

Simi Valley Cycles Motorcycle Dealership Service Department provides the fastest turnaround time with the best service. Our Yamaha Motorcycle Service Technicians are Factory Trained & Certified, and are updated on every Yamaha model. Our Yamaha Motorcycle Service also extends to Los Angeles customers.

As part of having exceptional Yamaha Motorcycle Service, it is important to keep your Yamaha Motorcycle Tires in very good shape, the following are tips to know:

  • Know the Yamaha Motorcycle Manufacturer's Inflation Guidelines
  • Check your tire pressure often with an accurate tire gauge.
  • Inspect your tires for sidewall and tread groove cracking, punctures, cuts, and irregular wear. it is important to replace old or dried out tires even if they have plenty of tread on them. Simi Valley Cycles Yamaha Motorcycle Service has free motorcycle tire installation with the purchase of your tires from our Parts Department (the tire must be removed).  We also have motorcycle tire discounts.
  • Make sure to get a matching set of front and back tires. Unlike car tires, you need to make sure that your motorcycle tires are matched.
  • It is best to choose replacement tires of the same size as the motorcycle’s original equipment tires.

Three Featured Yamaha Motorcycle Tires from the SVC Motorcycle Dealership
1) Dunlop D404 170/80-15 Rear Tire
Ideal replacement tire for big-bore cruiser bikes (blackwall unless marked as wide whitewall).
2) Michelin Commander (Series) II 150/80B16 Rear Tire
Michelin's Commander II with unrivaled tire life.
United States tests show the Commander II is capable of nearly twice the distance by its competitors.
Michelin is setting a new standard in wet weather grip performance, durability, maneuverability, & stability.
3) Metzeler ME880 Marathon (series) MT90B16 Rear Tire
Metzeler tires are built to handle the higher loads with handling characteristics of cruiser and touring bikes.
New alpha sizes (MH, MT, MU) provide higher load capacity and increased mileage.
Front tires feature rounded tread profile for smooth, neutral steering and the rear tires feature flatter tread profile and larger contact patch for better traction and mileage.
They have computer designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment for uniform wear characteristics and low noise.
Excellent water displacement ability and stability over rain grooves and under hard acceleration and braking.

Simi Valley Cycles Yamaha Motorcycle Service has free motorcycle tire installation with the purchase of your tires from our Parts Department (tire must be removed). Buy motorcycle tires from SVC at a discount. Along with your Yamaha Motorcycle Tire Service, our Motorcycle Dealership also looks forward to providing you with your next motorcycle tire service with the greatest deal.