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Motorcycle Dealer

SIMI VALLEY CYCLES is a honest and friendly Full Motorcycle Dealer, and we offer the following Motorcycle Dealership four important Services:

  1. Knowledgeable Motorcycle Sales Team
  2. Full Motorcycle Service Department (Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph)
  3. Motorcycle Parts Department
  4. Motorcycle Financing Department Offering Good Rates


1. Lots of Dealerships have a honest sales department, with friendly sales people, but not in every dealership will you get a truly knowledgeable sales team. Sometimes dealerships will get bikes from a "trade in", motorcycles brands the dealership regularly does not carry, and therefore their sales team might know very little about the motorcycle. Often other times when the motorcycles are new, the sales people cannot answer the intricate questions more advanced riders may have when purchasing a motorcycle. It is up to you to really ask questions related to any motorcycle you want information on. It makes it difficult when motorcycle dealerships say to consult the "motorcycle manual", or contact the Maker of the brand/model for more details. At Simi Valley Cycles we all ride motorcycles, we are very knowledgeable, and we can answer all of your needed questions.

2. Simi Valley Cycles has a Yamaha, Suzuki, and Triumph Full Motorcycle Service Department - It is a complete provider for any motorcycle service you may need or want. As an example, when you buy a motorcycle with a warranty, it is up to you to make the required yearly services on the motorcycle, called regular bike maintenance. You may also want motorcycle accessories installed (saddle bags, bigger exhaust pipes, different carburetor, etc). At SVC, our Full Service Department can do your motorcycle maintenance and install your accessories.

3. A Motorcycle Parts Department at the Dealership is of great importance to you the buyer, because if the dealership does not have to buy the parts from a third party, the retail price to you is less. Parts include motorcycle tires, all tune-up parts, pipes, etc. Saving money is important, and Simi Valley Cycles Motorcycle Dealership has a parts department on location for your monetary savings.

4. Some Motorcycle Dealerships offer financing, but just offering financing is not enough. If the dealership offers rates that are very high, then it is not a good deal. Simi Valley Cycles offers great Triumph Motorcycle Financing and Yamaha Motorcycle Financing, with really Good Rates. We know this is of importance for you wanting to finance your motorcycle, since saving money is an important part of any purchase.

Remember that buying with a savings is a good deal when looking for your next motorcycle. SVC Full Motorcycle Dealership can provide you a savings with Knowledgeable Motorcycle Sales People, Motorcycle Full Service, a Motorcycle Parts Department and a Financing Department Offering Good Rates. Thanks for coming into SVC.